3 Tips For Choosing Eyeglasses That Will Look Great All Year Long


Once your vision insurance resets for the year, you might be excited about heading to the eye doctor, getting your exam, and picking out a new pair of glasses. Unfortunately, if you pick the wrong pair, those frames might look silly and dated within a few months—making you self-conscious. Here are three tips for choosing eyeglasses that will look great all year long so that you don't have to worry:

1: Consider the Season

If you have ever watched a fashion show, then you know that designers typically sculpt their product lines around the season. Although most people figure that accessories are completely separate, designers take seasonality into consideration when they choose the shape, color, and pattern of frames. For example, frames made for a fall or winter collection might be heavy or dark-colored, while designer frames made for a spring or summer collection might be wispy or contain fun, flirty elements.

Before you purchase frames, carefully consider the season. Try to imagine wearing those frames during different seasons to see if they would mesh with your wardrobe. If you feel like you would look silly wearing heavy, dark plastic frames with shorts and sandals, look for something a little more neutral.

2: Research The Designer's Influences

Before you decide on a pair of high fashion eyeglasses, take a few minutes to research the designer's influences for their product lines. For example, your designer may have modeled their latest line off of trends from the 1950s, or the rough and tumble world of professional motorcycle racing.

Although these influences might seem insignificant, the eyeglass designer might use subtle embellishments that might clash with your wardrobe. For example, you might look silly wearing those sporty motocross-styled glasses to a business meeting. Think carefully about different influences and try to decide whether or not the theme blends with the pieces that you already have.

3: Choose Conservative Styles

To stay on the safe side, error on the side of conservatism. Keep in mind that you can always spruce up your look with an interesting pair of cufflinks or an interesting suit. Try to find glasses that will blend seamlessly into the background, instead of standing out and acting as a focal point. If your insurance company will pay for two pairs of glasses, invest in one conservative pair of frames and some glasses that will act as a statement piece. That way, you can have the best of both worlds. 

By choosing a great pair of eyeglasses, you will be able to feel confident and stylish. Check out a company like Eyes on Second to get started.


22 October 2015

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If your vision isn't as good as it used to be, you need to see an optometrist. I developed an uncontrollable twitch in both eyes. The problem became so bad that it interfered with my sleep at night. I became cranky, irritable and extremely self-conscience about my problem. At times, I couldn't see anything, even if it was close to my face. But after speaking to my regular doctor about my twitchy eyes, they referred me to an optometrist for an eye exam. The optometrist diagnosed me with poor nerve function. If I didn't do something about it, I'd lose my vision. My eye doctor prescribed eyeglasses to help me see better until I underwent surgery to repair the damaged nerves in my eyes. Now, I see just fine. If you want to know more about protecting your vision, keep reading my blog.