3 Things To Do If Your Contact Lenses Dry Your Eyes Out


If you have bad vision, you probably love being able to wear contacts instead of wearing glasses. However, you might have found that your contacts really dry your eyes out, which can lead to serious discomfort. If this is the case, consider these tips to feel some relief.

1. Change Contact Solution There is a possibility that the contact solution that you use to clean and store your contacts is actually causing dry eyes. Consider switching brands, and make sure that you always dump out your contact solution each day and rinse out your contact case. If you are having trouble finding a good contact solution, consider purchasing it from your optometrist or asking him or her for suggestions.

2. Use Contact-Friendly Eye Drops If you wear contacts, it's always a good idea to keep a bottle of eye drops handy, such as in your purse or your pocket. Then, you can moisten your eyes throughout the day and feel instant relief. Be aware that not all eye drops work well with contacts, so make sure that you look for a brand that is safe for use with your lenses. Also, make sure that you do not use them more times in a day than is suggested on the bottle.

3. Talk to Your Eye Doctor If you have not yet talked to your eye doctor about the dryness that you are experiencing, it's a good idea to set an appointment to address the issue. Dry eyes aren't just uncomfortable, but your eyes can be harmed from wearing contacts when your eyes are too dry. Plus, dry eyes could be a sign of another problem that you aren't yet aware of.

Your eye doctor will probably ask you a few questions about the dryness and may check out your eyes to rule out any potential problems. Then, he or she might prescribe you a different type of contacts, since some brands are actually designed for those who have chronic dry eyes. He or she can also give you other tips for enjoying a bit of relief.

You do not have to live with the discomfort of dry eyes and uncomfortable contacts, and you also don't have to switch to glasses if you don't want to. Instead, try these three tips so that you can enjoy some relief from your uncomfortably dry eyes. Then, you might find that wearing contacts isn't as bad as you thought! Contact a company like Glacier Eye Clinic for more info.


3 March 2016

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