Struggling To Remember To Wear Your Sunglasses? Four Tips To Help Make It A Habit


It's no secret that wearing sunglasses is important for preserving your eye health. By shielding your eyes and the surrounding skin from UV light, sunglasses can protect against cataracts, cancer, and even macular degeneration. However, many people fail to wear their sunglasses on a regular basis, putting themselves at an increased risk of these conditions. If you struggle with remembering to wear your sunglasses, here are a few tips to help make wearing them more of a habit.

Purchase prescription sunglasses.

If you're someone who usually wears contacts but sometimes wears glasses, you may find yourself going without sunglasses on the days you don your frames. By investing in a pair of prescription sunglasses, you eliminate this issue. When you do wear your regular glasses and find yourself in a sunny area, you can just switch to your prescription sunglasses without sacrificing the clarity of your vision.

Buy a pair that really fits.

Some people don't wear their sunglasses as they should because they give them headaches, press on their nose strangely, or are otherwise uncomfortable. Visit a reputable optician and have yourself custom fitted for sunglasses, so you can ensure you're getting a pair that fits perfectly. You'll be more likely to wear them when they're comfortable.

Actually, buy two pairs of sunglasses.

Buying two pairs of sunglasses may sound like a waste -- after all, good sunglasses are not cheap. However, if you have two pairs, you can pack one in your bag and keep another one in your car. That way, you're never without sunglasses, regardless of whether you or a friend drives to your destination. If you don't typically carry a bag around with you, get into the habit of bringing a small pack with essentials like sunglasses, sunscreen and a water bottle with you when you leave the house. You'll be surprised how convenient this habit becomes.

Tell your friends about your plans to wear sunglasses more often.

Sometimes, all you need is a little reminder to do what's best for you. If you tell all of your friends and family members that you're trying to wear your sunglasses more regularly, they'll probably comment if they see you out in the sun without them. In fact, you can directly tell them to remind you if they spot you with a bare face in the sun.

Don't let your eye health suffer because you were too lazy or busy to wear your sunglasses. Follow the tips above, and wearing them will become more of a regular habit. For more information on sunglasses, contact a company like Monroe Optical, Inc.


6 August 2015

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